Welcome to the city of Annalin, A sprawling metropolis cut into two parts: above ground, known as the Nightside, is where commerce is king, and the one who drives the hardest bargain wins. No honor among merchants, who have been known to hire Mercenaries to undercut the competition. Opposite that is the underground section known as the Dayside, named after the ever-glowing sun that lightens up the grassy hills and plains where the Druids, Rangers and Barbarians live to guard the farms that sustain the city and patrol the labyrinth of tunnels that connect the two Sides

Although the city is run by merchants, the true blood in the streets comes from the mercenaries. Groups form to protect their businesses, attack their rivals, or just to hire themselves out to make some coin. You’ve all come together to form such a group. What will your destiny hold?


denego BobTheWitchdoctor